Strengthen Company Culture
Strengthen Company Culture
In a Safe and Clean Environment
Embrace Employee Appreciation
Embrace Employee Appreciation
Through a Fun Cooking Competition
Have Fun and Cook with Us
Have Fun and Cook with Us
See, Touch, and Smell Fresh Ingredients
Hands-on Instructions
Hands-on Instructions
From Professional Chefs
Come as Guests; Leave as Friends
Come as Guests; Leave as Friends
We Welcome You to the Blue Door Family

Our Experiences

Culinary Experiences to meet your company needs
€55 - 4 Hours - Max Participants: 14
  • Hands-on culinary experience
  • Guided tour of nearby Souq
  • Sumptuous meal to be enjoyed together family-style
  • Relaxed atmosphere ideal for enjoyment of Moroccan food and culture
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€40 - 3 Hours - Max Participants: 28
  • Unique three-course menu involving nouvelle cuisine
  • Race against time
  • A souq-to-table creative outlet
  • Team-stretching opportunity
  • Panel of judges and taste test
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€50 - 3.5 Hours - Max Participants: 14
  • The best of Moroccan cuisine
  • Elements of competition that take participants from the souq to the cutting board
  • Our chef’s step-by-step introduction to each dish
  • Panel of judges and taste test
  • Enjoyable dining experience to conclude
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