Between Blue Door Hotel s.a.r.l., 106 Rue Salah Eddin El Ayoubi 2 Etg Apprt N 2, Tanger, 90000, Morocco, with social capital of 2,300,000.00 dhs, registered in the Register of Commerce and Societies of 65557 ICE 00164550000030, represented by Mr. Timothy M McTighe, the director, duly entitled.

The company can be reached by email in clicking on the contact form accessible on the welcome page of the site. Hereafter referred to as “Blue Door Cuisine.”


Blue Door Cuisine offers cooking classes for individuals and companies, the details and varieties of which are presented on the website

The content of the course, its locations, its dates and hours as well as its price are presented on the website.

Buying a cooking class implies that the client accepts without reservation the present terms and conditions of the sale.

The client guarantees to have the legal capacity to validly contract the products and services offered by Blue Door Cuisine.

Registering for the classes:

Registering for a cooking class is done via the website, by email, or by telephone, limited by the number of places available.

Registering can take place as long as the course is open for reservation on the website.

Registering becomes definite upon the receiving of an confirmation email from Blue Door Cuisine. Blue Door Cuisine reserves the right to cancel a reservation in any cases where the identity of the client or their email address are inexact.

Fees and terms of payment:

The price of the class is that which is presented on the Blue Door Cuisine website on the day of the reservation.

The prices are expressed in euros, all taxes included.

In exceptional circumstances, payment can be made in person in Moroccan dirhams or in any convertible currency.

The payment of the price of the class is due upon registering for the class, as soon as the Blue Door Cuisine confirmation email is received. The price of the cuisine class should be paid by the client by the very latest 24 hours before the class takes place, online or in person at Blue Door Cuisine. According to the the law of August 4, 2008, any sum which remains unpaid 30 days after the cooking class has taken place, without further notice, will be subjected to interests and late penalties of three times the legal rate.

Payment can be effected in cash in person, or by credit or debit card over the website.

Registration for a private class:

To register for a private class, there must be a minimum of 4 participants.  Blue Door Cuisine reserves the right to cancel registration for a one-/two-/three-person class and return any payment to the client(s).

Please contact us directly with a request for VIP Service for a solo class, or a small or large group.

Registration is only definitive when the class price is paid and the reservation is confirmed by Blue Door via email.


If the guest cancels more than 24 hours before the scheduled class time and ingredients have not been bought, the guest will receive a full refund, but if the class is cancelled 24 hours or less beforehand the class price will not be refunded. If the guest cancels after the ingredients have been purchased (24-48 hours before the scheduled class time), a half-refund will be issued.


Blue Door Cuisine reserves the right to cancel a cooking class in case of emergency (force majeure) and such a cancellation is not its responsibility.

The client recognizes and accepts that the provision of products destined for the cooking class is submitted to the whims of the market, in particular for certain seasonal or special products.

The client accepts in consequence that Blue Door Cuisine proceeds with some adjustments to an initial recipe for a given course in function of the availability of the ingredients.

When such adjustments do not fundamentally change the recipe or its spirit, the course is maintained and these adjustments do not give way to any reimbursement, total or partial. When the whims of the market force Blue Door Cuisine to fundamentally modify the proposed recipe, Blue Door Cuisine reserves the right to cancel the reserved class and to reschedule it for a later date. Blue Door Cuisine will inform the client at its earliest convenience and will reschedule the class for a later date and reserve a place for the client if the latter wishes it.

The cooking classes entail the active participation of the client. The client accepts to be attentive and to follow the hygiene and security instructions which are provided to them by Blue Door Cuisine, for the best proceeding of the class.

Blue Door Cuisine cannot be held responsible for damages caused to the person or goods of the client during the cooking class.

Blue Door Cuisine cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss of personal objects and effects brought by the client.

At the end of the course, the client who wishes to reproduce a provided Blue Door Cuisine recipe makes it their own responsibility, as much as concerns the provision of supplies and the result of the recipe.

Recipes given or sent to the client at the end of the course do not necessarily reproduce the totality of the information and data communicated to the client during the course. Blue Door Cuisine makes sure that these documents reproduce the principle information that will permit the client, in combination with the teachings received during the class, to realize the recipe provided during the course.

The client has the possibility to take with them the dishes prepared during class to consume them outside of the workshop, under their own responsibility. The dishes should be eaten fresh and within the same day. Blue Door Cuisine cannot be held responsible for damages resulting from the consumption of dishes prepared in the workshop and consumed outside of it.


The recipes provided by Blue Door Cuisine, elaborated during the course and/or where the client has a copy at the end of the course are the property of Blue Door Cuisine.

The reproduction, representation and publication of the recipes provided by Blue Door Cuisine are authorized for exclusively private and non-commercial usage.

Filming and Déroulement:

Blue Door Cuisine reserves the right to deny access to filming of our Experiences. Requests will be treated in advance on a case by case basis.

Blue Door Cuisine also reserves the right to have its Experience Leaders establish and lead the Experience programme in accordance with our proprietary processes based on market research and the highest of customer satisfaction.