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Who would have thought, that one day, staying at home will be the new patriotism? If someone had told me that in 2020, I would desperately be praying for school to resume. That I would long for hectic Mondays. That street noise will be my new favorite symphony. I would have certainly believed that someone’s brain screws have gone loose. Yet, here we are, trying to save humanity, by staying home in quarantine and keeping to ourselves. At first, it seemed to be a gift from God. But now, this unconventional routine is turning slowly into a curse.

Blue Door Quarantine
It is time to embrace the comfort of routine with open arms.

So, how can we benefit from this newly found freedom? Here are 20 things to do while quarantined that we can benefit from.

1. Read

We all have that new book that we oh-so-badly want to read on a quiet free afternoon over a cup of tea or Java. But we never get to make it to the rendezvous, because we have tons of work to finish, cleaning to do, kids to raise, etc. So, it sits on a shelf, accumulating layer after layer of dust, waiting for that passionate reunion.

Praise the Lord! Reunion time is here, so go on that intimate date with your book. Rejoice in its company. Devour it like there is no tomorrow. Life is too short to last long!

Blue Door Book
Some say that reading is like staring at pieces of a dead tree and vividly hallucinating for hours on end.

2. Self-care

Strong body, strong mind, beautiful soul.

It is crucial to make sure you take care of your body, mind, and soul every day. This task may seem difficult to achieve in a fast-paced world and occasional ruckus. But worry not, all is not lost. Quarantine is the optimal period to practice self-care. You have all the time in the world, and some, to build long-lasting habits.

You can learn how to eat right, how to reduce stress, and how to maintain regular exercise. So get ready, because today is the day you will learn to stop depending on anti-stress and anxiety pills. Today is the day you will learn to listen to your body, and connect with your inner self.

Blue Door Self Care
Treat yourself to a healthy quarantine time so you can look back on these days and appreciate being on your own.

3. Watch movies/series

You always wished you could binge-watch, but you never did! Maybe because the thought of binge-watching made you feel bad and irresponsible, or maybe because you cannot afford to waste precious time. After all, time is money. Perhaps, you just had better things to do.

Now is your chance to get rid of that guilt, to find out why everyone is talking about the new X series on X Channel, and to finally engage in conversations with your friends about a series or movie. Cheers!

Blue Door TV
You may never find yourself in a situation where staying home and binge-watching would make you a hero instead of a lazy shut-in ever again. So, make the best out of these days while you’re at it!

4. Learn a new language creatively

Who never dreamed of being bilingual, trilingual, or better? We all did of course. Not only would it elevate your social status and make you look cool in front of others. A new language means a new culture to discover. It represents the key to a whole universe of unfamiliar thoughts and beliefs to divulge. And professionally, it may lead to a promotion or a better opportunity.

Learning a new language is not hard either. There are many ways to accomplish the latter. Either through movies, games, socializing websites where you get to practice your new language skills and maybe even make new friends. Click here for more fun ways on how to learn a language.

After quarantine is over, Conversation Exchange offers you the possibility to practice your new linguistic skills by meeting up with natives in your area for free!

Blue Door Languages
A language is your portal to understanding a whole new culture.

5. Meditate

Meditation is a successful way -and perhaps the only- to find calm and nourish resilience. According to Mindful, “When we meditate, we inject far-reaching and long-lasting benefits into our lives”. Through meditation, you can control your stress levels. Your body connects with your soul. You improve your mental skills. And you invest in a few minutes or hours of your day instead of wasting them.

Blue Door Buddha
Once you free your mind and make peace with yourself, none of the hardships life throws at you will phase you in the slightest.

6. Workout

Exercising is an efficient way to take care of your body. And by working out, I do not necessarily mean intensive 60 minutes per day workouts that make you consider expressing your death wish. Exercising at home can be fun and light yet effective. You can learn a new dance choreography with a partner. You can shake it off in your room while listening to your favorite upbeat song. Or you can challenge yourself by setting a goal to reach.

Exercising at home is no different from exercising in the gym. It can have the same results and is free. So get those dazzling bodies working people!

Blue Door Workout
Fun fact: Indoor workout beats outdoor jogging when it comes to burning calories, so make sure you workout at home instead of justifying your laziness!

7. Bake

They say a delicious meal is made with love and patience. Quarantine can be the perfect time to cook or bake with no pressure. If you love to cook, be creative during this period. You can make your own recipes and share them with friends on social media. If you’re a beginner, this is your chance to excel in that area by watching YouTube videos or subscribing to cooking websites. You can recreate your own recipes that you can be proud of. All while keeping it fun and boredom-free.

Blue Door Baking Quarantine
Baking pastries is like raising kids, you love seeing both grow so beautifully!

8. Learn a new skill

Do you have a guitar you never learned how to play? A piano that serves as decor rather than a joy bringer?  Is your Instagram feed full of videos of how to draw for beginners? Here is your chance, quarantine or as I like to call it, personal growth period is the time where you can do almost everything while staying at home. Other skills you can learn are design, sewing, etc.

Blue Door Hobbies Quarantine
Quarantine is to be seen as a brief time of bliss no matter how long it lasts, so use it to learn a trick or two.

9. Be creative

Free time can unleash your creativity. Despite that you might think you are not gifted, every human being is creative in their own way. Find what brings joy to your heart and do it. It might be redecorating. It might be fashion designing. It might be starting a new business via social media. Your gift may positively turn your life upside down. So for starters, get to know yourself!

Blue Door Creativity Quarantine
Art is any attempt you make to capture your feelings in a piece of artwork regardless of effort.

10. Stay safe

Please keep in mind that this period is not a holiday or an open vacation. It is a measure taken by competent specialized authorities to avoid worse. That is why you have to stay informed by following the latest news. Constant hand washing is crucial, so is deep cleaning.

Find out more on how to save your loved ones here.

11. Get work done from home

We are in an era where almost everything is possible thanks to the internet. This brilliant invention has turned the world into a small village allowing us to get work done and to study while in our PJs. Even though this solution is not helpful for everyone, it is still better than nothing!

Blue Door Remote Work
Night owls who feel more productive at night appreciate lockdown in a way because it is an opportunity to professionally do their best.

12. Give back to your community

As humans, we are fragile creatures on our own, but together we are bulletproof and strong as steel. So let us help each other during these times. Because this phase is where we can showcase our human side and how good we are. You can think of the struggle families with unstable incomes may be enduring and maybe you would share some of your provisions with them. You can raise awareness on the importance of helping those in need, in this manner others may join and help too.

If you are a teacher, maybe you can arrange virtual classes for children who cannot afford private tutoring. Or you can share your Wi-Fi with a child struggling alone in their studies because their parents cannot afford to install Wi-Fi.

There are many ways to help if only we would take some time and think.

Blue Door Community Quarantine
“United we stand, divided we fall.”
Patrick Henry

13. Caring for animals

During this period, we are so focused on human beings that we forget that there are animals starving because no one goes out to feed them. Butcher shops and markets that used to feed stray cats and dogs are closed. People who used to leave leftovers on the sidewalk for animals to feast on are now too afraid to even step out, or too busy digesting shocking daily news and getting used to this new routine to remember.

If you are an animal lover but never could adopt one because you are too busy to take care of it, well now is your chance. Animal shelters, who cannot work as efficiently during this period can use your help! You can host an animal of your choosing to tend to until this period is over then you can return it, or not! It will keep you company and at the same time, you will feel like you’re giving back to your community and contributing in away. 

For more Information about Animal shelters in need of foster homes for pets during this pandemic, follow this link.

You can help wildlife thrive on the streets of your city by leaving food near your doorsteps as a welcome-back gift to new friends.

14. Pray for the infected

During this pandemic, we have all grown as a united family. We are helping each other by staying home and by abiding by the government’s rules of safety. We are thinking of our hungry brothers and sisters and actually helping them by offering free food and putting smiles on their faces. And along the way, we are grateful for being able to help and trying to be as positive as we can.

Another thing we can do is pray. Praying during hardships is good. It makes us feel good about ourselves knowing that we are contributing to the cause somehow. Trusting that God will save us and that everything we are experiencing is for a reason helps our psyche. Providing mental support for those battling the virus is important. Imagining a world where we will heal together is crucial.

Collective spiritual support may sound inconsequential, but it does help the infected endure their sickness through God’s hidden healing hand.

15. Bond with your family

There is nothing more important than family. We all know that, but daily tasks make us neglect our loved ones. Turn this gloomy period into a bright one by spending time with your family. You can engage in silly or constructive conversations. You can play cards or group video games.

Blue Door Family
Fun fact: board games are perfect for family time as long as no one is a sore loser!

16. Play brain games

Your brain is perhaps the most important organ. And during this pandemic, it may be the organ in need of attention the most. If you do not take care of your mental health, you may fall into depression quicker than you can pronounce Worcestershire.

That is why it is a good idea to play puzzles, build with Legos, or play Monopoly. Those games can also be fun pastime ideas where you can connect with your family and have the time of your life. You can purchase these games from your nearest supermarket the next time you go out to buy groceries. If you are not planning on leaving the house any time soon, you can play them online, or on your phone. There are also diverse brain games that you can find on the internet.

Blue Door Mind Games
You can also use thought-provoking apps to improve your problem-solving skills and more.

17. Master Chef at-home version

If you love competition and you want to spice things up with your family, you can organize an indoor master chef competition. Not only would it waste a good 3 or 4 hours, but it will also teach you new tricks and fill your belly. Let alone leave you hype and happy for the rest of the day and some! In case you live alone, or your partner or family is not into cooking or challenges, you can play it on an app like SuperCook. Auguste Escoffier. School of Culinary Arts has a list of others.

Blue Door Cooking
A heated competition can bring out the best in you even if it was just a game.

18. Dive in the universe of music

Who doesn’t love music? Music brightens our days, keeps us going, and nourishes our souls. During this period where you have all the time in the world, you could discover new music, read about its history, and try to find what you love. You may be surprised, maybe your taste would change and you’ll find what you really like instead of listening to what your friends and the Radio suggest. Music is a delight, so enjoy it!

Blue Door Music Quarantine
Life without music would pretty much be tasteless…

19. Video chat with your friends and family

Due to quarantine and the measures imposed to fight COVID-19, some of us were forced to not reunite with their loved ones and stay wherever they are. If you live far away from your family or if you miss hanging out with your friends, you can always video chat. You can also group chat, have a virtual hang out, imagine you are meeting at a café, prepare your drink, and sit on a table with your phone in front of you and talk quarantine out. It’s all about creativity folks!

Blue Door Facetime Quarantine
Video calls are the best way to catch up on old times with distant loved ones while on lockdown.

20. Make plans

Draw a chart, or make a calendar for all the things you want to do after quarantine is over. Do not slack off, trust me it will make you feel better. After quarantine is over, you will not feel like you wasted months of your life doing nothing that counts. So think about your future and make plans for it.

Blue Door Planning Quarantine
Setting deadlines for your own tasks motivates you to get those tasks done as soon as possible so you can celebrate your accomplishments later with a feeling of fulfillment.

Doing something is always better than not doing anything, especially when you’re quarantined. Try some of the above ideas out and let us know in the comments what you think.

If you have other tricks and ideas, share them with us! We’d be delighted.

Blue Door Relaxation
Hajar Ben Bouazza is a 22 years old master's degree translation student at King Fahd school of Tangier. After getting her DUT diploma in "Finance, bank and insurance" from EST, Ecole Supérieure de Technologie, she left her hometown, Meknes. She discovered her passion and love for languages, and decided to pursue her studies in applied foreign languages in the capital of Morocco, Rabat. She graduated valedictorian of her class in 2018, and received the Excellence Award. Hajar currently lives in the white city, Tangier.

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